Born in Colville, Washington State, Nathan Sawaya grew up in Veneta, Oregon. A happy, creative child, Nathan loved to draw, write stories, do magic tricks, and of course… remake the world with LEGO® bricks. His law studies when he was a young adult put an end to a life of imagination and creativity and set him on a career as a New York lawyer. But leopards don’t change their spots! After several years of living life at high speed, Nathan Sawaya decided to give up everything and return to his first loves: play, imagination and creativity!

The artist, frustrated for too long, suddenly left the negotiation of contracts behind him and devoted his time to building figures with LEGO bricks, one of his first loves.

Today Nathan Sawaya has more than 4 million colored bricks in his studios in New York and Los Angeles and exhibits his creations worldwide.

Nathan Sawaya did not choose his materials by chance. Like many children, his history with LEGO started when he was very young. But unlike most of us, he never forgot the famous bricks! Nathan Sawaya was 5 when he received his first box of LEGO bricks for Christmas.

Encouraged by his parents and grandparents, who were aware of the child’s creativity, Nathan immediately got to work and started on a series of equally fantastic houses, cars, or animals. A few years later, with just as much passion, he began building a whole town, covering more than 107 sq ft! When he was 10 and his parents refused to adopt a pet, Nathan Sawaya decided to make his own: he built a life-size dog with LEGO bricks.

It was then that he realized that LEGO bricks could become absolutely anything he wanted, and not just follow the picture on the box. When he traded his office chair for the floor of a studio in the beginning of 2000, Nathan Sawaya reawakened the child and artist within himself. Since the two are inseparable as far as he is concerned, this also led to a creative process based on play, which many consider to be a revolution in the field of the arts.